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Meet Dr. Cohen on January 5

by gisaparedes (Quezon City), Team Member Posted on 01/03/2012 9:49 am

Hello, everybody!

We, the BelleToday team, are more than pleased to announce that Dr. Jean Michel Cohen will be in our Alabang office on January 5, 2012 (Thursday). We'd love to have all of you over to meet him, however, due to time constraints, we need to select just FIVE (5) determined (and lucky) members who would like to take this opportunity to sit down with the coach himself.

Here's how you can get the chance to spend a morning with Dr. Cohen:
1. Add me (gisaparedes) as a friend
2. In the friend invite, provide the following:
a) your email address
b) your telephone number
c) your full name (of course)
d) a compelling reason as to why you should be chosen to join the group on January 5

I will be going through all your messages for the next 24 hours. If you are chosen, we will gladly get in touch with you before 5pm on January 4, Wednesday.

GOOD LUCK!! Oh and spread the word!

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Posted by gisaparedes (Quezon City), Team Member
On 01/06/2012 9:28 am

It was such a fun meet-up! Cant wait to do it again with the rest of the community!

Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 01/05/2012 3:15 pm

Had a blast meeting Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen and lovely BADieters in the flesh! :D

It was a fun and insightful meet-up! I am so happy to know that we are all motivated not only to lose weight but also focused on health and well being :-q

Until the next meet-up guys!

Posted by laarni (Calamba), Team Member
On 01/05/2012 3:11 pm

waouw!!!:D It was indeed a successful Bon Appetit Diet meet-up that wee had today.

It was fun seeing the members in person and getting to know their interests and feedback on the diet.

We had the privilege to meet Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen in person and ask him questions regarding losing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Posted by victoriacastillo (Parañaque)
On 01/05/2012 2:42 pm

Thank you so much for the kind words, Armi! We'll relay that to him. When you do find yourself in Manila, know that you're welcome to visit us. =) We are also planning future meetups, and Dr. Cohen will be back soon.

Please search and like Bon Appétit Diet on Facebook, or follow @FrenchDrCohen on Twitter to see some of the pictures we have from today! And there are many more to come! =)

Posted by armi_adecer (Cabanatuan City)
On 01/05/2012 11:18 am

it is a given that i will not be able to meet dr. cohen today, even if i qualify on your screening test. i am way too far away and have lots of responsibilities today. so disappointing. nevertheless, please extend to him my thanks and greatful appreciation for being accepted in this online program. it has indeed changed me in a lot of ways, and continues to change my previous conceptions about eating, weight gain/loss, and healthy lifestyle. for so long a time, i have been carrying so much weight in and around me (literally and figuratively), thanks to his diet program, i am now slowly being liberated from all of this. bon appetit!

Posted by gisaparedes (Quezon City), Team Member
On 01/04/2012 9:18 am

Hi egg_pie! The meeting will be from 1030a to about 3pm :)

Posted by egg_pie (mandaluyong city)
On 01/04/2012 8:18 am

Do you girls have any idea what time this meeting will happen?

Posted by victoriacastillo (Parañaque)
On 01/03/2012 3:18 pm

Come, come, come! Don't miss out on this chance! It may be a while before Dr. Cohen comes back to Manila. I've already had the pleasure of meeting him, and he's definitely a very knowledgeable and charismatic man. :P

Posted by gisaparedes (Quezon City), Team Member
On 01/03/2012 9:50 am

For those of you who are already my contacts, send me a PM!

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