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Not receiving e-mails

by attydanamendiola (Paranaque) Posted on 04/25/2012 1:06 pm


I have not received any coaching session e-mails since Monday. They are also not in my spam folder.

I also cannot post personal questions.

Is there a problem with the page?

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Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 04/26/2012 10:19 am

Hi Dana,

I already notified our technical team to recover your data and to carry over your 10 remaining questions to your renewed account. They will fix the issue as soon as possible. I will notify you here as soon as these problems are fixed.

Posted by attydanamendiola
On 04/26/2012 0:33 am

Hi, Ms. Charmaine.

Yes, I renewed even before the expiration of my subscription that is why I am wondering what is happening to my account.

If I may add, my account no longer carries my previously entered weight graph, measurements, journal, and unused personal questions. I was informed that these tools will be carried over to my renewed account.

I hope that these matters will be fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 04/25/2012 5:39 pm

Hi again Dana,

I rechecked your account, and I just saw that you have already paid to renew your program last April 11, 2012. Your program is now activated again and you will resume your program starting Week 14.

Glad that you're still in it to win it. Wishing you the best on your weight loss journey! :)

Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 04/25/2012 2:24 pm

Hi Dana,

I checked your account and found out that your subscription end date was last Monday, April 23, 2012. Your subscription ended so you were not able to receive new coaching sessions, meal plans, and ask personal questions. After your subscription, you can only access your archive of coaching sessions, videos, meal plans and shopping lists, and join in the community, until further notice.

If you are interested to renew you can notify us so that we can arrange to resume your subscription. Thank you!

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