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FORUM : Morale and Motivation

Who is your biggest supporter?

by gisaparedes (Quezon City), Team Member Posted on 08/29/2012 8:53 am

Are you getting the support that you need through your journey? Who is your biggest source of inspiration? Who supports you the most? And What do you have to say about him/her?

What would you say to them if you could write your letter of gratitude?

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Posted by christined
On 04/16/2013 3:16 pm

I would count myself as my biggest supporter. I have to support and love myself first before I ask for support from other people. But don't get me wrong. I am not a narcissist. Hehe. Sometimes, it has to start with self-motivation.

Posted by gisaparedes (Quezon City), Team Member
On 09/05/2012 4:16 pm

Hi Jenlv!
How nice to hear that you have several systems of support and that in each circle there is someone to push you forward. In positive psychology we believe that in order to succeed or think in the direction of succeeding we need to first get rid of the negative sources of energy in our lives. I'm glad that you are surrounded by positive people and that this is pushing you forward. Do keep us posted. I would love to hear more about your journey with The Bon Appetit Diet. :)

Posted by Jenlv (Quezon City)
On 09/04/2012 8:35 pm

my family, friends and officemates are truly supportive. my husband who eats the same meals as I'm having, my kids who always reminds me not to eat other stuff aside from my meal plans and requests to include them in the meals I'm preparing plus praises me that the food i prepare tastes good. my friends and officemates that opted to order food instead of going out so that i'll have company during lunch breaks. To my yaya, that assists me in the food preparation. I'm so blessed to have supportive people around me and it made me diligent in the diet for the past 4 weeks.

Posted by gisaparedes (Quezon City), Team Member
On 09/04/2012 4:51 pm

Marie_0409, sounds like you've got a lot of will power to keep on going and i applaud you for being motivated and being able to FOCUS on the goal at hand. I hope you know that our team is also here to help you out should you need any kind of assistance. Feel free to call us up, or leave me a message when you feel unsure about certain things.

Alegria6, it's great that you have a household to help you prepare the food. I understand how busy our schedules can get and preparing the meals can sometimes be added stress. It's nice to hear tho that you have your husband there to support you as well. There really is no better support system than your own family!

Best of luck you BOTH and i hope to hear more from you!

Posted by Marie_0409 (Quezon City)
On 09/04/2012 11:59 am

My househelp prepares & cooks my meals. But when it comes to motivation & support, I only rely on myself. I focus on my goal to keep track on the program. I am proud that I have achieved the weight I have now, which is beyond my expectation before I started the program :-q

Posted by alegria6 (Mandaluyong)
On 09/02/2012 6:54 pm

It is important that you have someone to prepare your meal when you are busy. Like me, I have my kid's nanny and our cook to help me prepare my food. Also my husband who eats the meal I have to support me so I don't backlog from the diet.

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