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I Want Abs!

by victoriacastillo (Parañaque) Posted on 06/05/2013 2:07 pm

In all my years looking at the BelleToday forums, I have to say, by far, the most common desire is to get a flat tummy.

Possibly because it's the most difficult to attain.
Not because of all the sit-ups that you have to, sit-ups won't actually help it.
You need 1.) lots of cardio for fat loss, 2.) a low carb diet to prevent fat accumulation, and 3.) good genes

I'm OK with #1, maybe possibly #3. It's #2 where I fail the most, because I love sweets!

My core is already pretty strong...I could do sit-ups with ease, even when I wasn't working out regularly, so I have good genes in that regard. So instead of letting all my hours of core workouts go to waste, I really must make an effort to improve my diet.

Just started to document my plan in my blog:

- No refined carbs at breakfast (I eat too much cakes and pastries for breakfast, my favorite was pain au chocolat!)
- Three desserts a week
- Alcohol once a week

I just hope my efforts will pay off. :)

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