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Lets do this! Diet starts today!

by lovejem (dasmarinas cavite) Posted on 07/22/2013 12:07 pm

Today is the Day! my target weight is 120lbs and hopefully i can achieve it within 3months and be able to maintain it.. its so frustrating when people around you keep saying that " mag diet kana isa pa lang anak m dapat sexy ka pa rin para di ka pagpalit ng asawa mo'' that kind of comment really makes me hate my self cause i know its TRUE! Well i hope next time the next thing they'll say to me is '' Wow ang payat mo na parang wala kang anak'' :)))))

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Posted by victoriacastillo (Parañaque)
On 07/25/2013 4:26 pm

Hahaha, yeah, baka lumabas lang yung pent-up bitterness ko. :P Still think we Pinoys ought to learn a thing or two about tact and fat-shaming.

Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 07/25/2013 3:47 pm

.... but, I don't think they are horrible people :) They care for you, that's why they're pushing you. I just think they're not expressing their kind concerns right. We, Filipinos are like that sometimes. Be grateful for people who look after you na lang, just filter what they are saying, accept those comments that boost your confidence and never mind those which bring you down :)

Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 07/25/2013 3:43 pm

I very much agree with Victoria! Your weight doesn't make you less of a person, and less of a spouse. Achieving your target weight won't make you 'better' for your husband, because you already are!

Treat weight loss as a necessary step for your health, because you want to improve your quality of life. Forget about your haters. Enjoy your weight loss journey! You are doing this for YOU! :)

Posted by victoriacastillo (Parañaque)
On 07/22/2013 3:50 pm

Welcome, and good luck! :-q

I posted that in our other diet's thread, that people around us can be so tactless when it comes to discussing your weight TO YOUR OWN FACE. Those are horrible, horrible comments, and they are horrible, horrible people. I'm sorry if they're your relatives or friends, but that's really appalling.

I was also a victim of that. I was also hurt and angry. It took me a while to lose weight and learn to love myself and anyone for whatever size they are. :) I've since learned that beauty isn't just about being "payat", but really it's one's confidence, personality, and attitude.

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