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FORUM : My First Weeks on the Bon Appétit Diet Program

Week 1 of lifestyle change

by mnm11 (San Juan City) Posted on 03/07/2014 11:37 am

My experience last week when I started the program was pretty good considering I lost around 5lbs. I found that the first 2 days were the hardest since it was a complete lifestyle change for me especially since I'm still breastfeeding my 1 1/2 year old daughter. I'm used to eating not so healthy foods like chips, but with this program I'm slowly adapting better decisions when choosing my food. Yes, even when we're eating out. It was tough when we first ate in a restaurant on my first week. It was really confusing as to what I can and cannot eat. And so I thought of the structure of the meals we have here as well as the tips like avoid fried, fatty, and sugary foods. It helped a lot! Thanks as well to my coach, Charmaine, for being so patient with my many questions. Hoping for the best in my next weeks here. :)

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Posted by mnm11 (San Juan City)
On 03/09/2014 8:47 pm

@jennylamurin it's okay, ang target naman daw talaga is 1-2lbs a week so okay pa yun. Just make sure bawi ka pag may cheat days ka. :)

Posted by Jennylamurin (City of San Fernando, Pampanga)
On 03/09/2014 9:12 am

:P I lost only 4 lbs in my first week. I would have expected better but I also know that I have not done my best as far as following the meals menu provided for this week. It's because my husband is here when I started the program. We cannot help eating in restaurants and or being invited by friends to parties. Such a week to start the diet, but I will do some make up once he leaves, I will follow all the menu to the letter. All I can do now is promise, promise....

Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 03/07/2014 2:12 pm

@Mary Neilany: Losing 5 lbs in your first week is indeed very good!

It is really quite a challenge to learn the ropes in the first few weeks of the program. Doing your groceries, cooking, being conscious on what you eat at home and when you are out in restaurants, malls etc can really be overwhelming at first. I commend you for really giving the effort and the time to slowly adapt good eating habits. Your behavior throughout your weight loss journey is what will dictate your success on the program. So far you are off to a good start! :)

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