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MyFitnessPal app

by mnm11 (San Juan City) Posted on 03/07/2014 11:52 am

Anyone here using the MyFitnessPal app? Is it accurate in giving you the calories?e your question or specify the nature of the subject you want to address ...

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Posted by victoriacastillo (Parañaque)
On 07/17/2014 3:07 pm

Ladies, if you're interested, the Bon Appétit Diet app (for iOS and Android) has the Meal Photos feature. :) Instead of typing in each and every food item and quantity, just take a picture of your plate, and our dietitians will assess your meal! :-q

Posted by Trishawillbesexy (Las Pinas City)
On 07/04/2014 3:52 pm

Yup it's accurate but make sure you log in the correct input (food, grams, portion, etc). Make sure to use your wifi or 3G connection so you can have more selection. I'm at 1200 kcal diet a day, and I still log this on MyFitnessPal. It's getting an accurate measure of 400 calories per meal. Excluding merienda, of course.

Posted by mnm11 (San Juan City)
On 04/01/2014 12:19 pm

@boxingloves: Hi Ate Christine! i've been using it for quite some time now. Medyo additional work but it does help in monitoring your calorie intake. :)

Posted by Boxingloves (Cainta,Rizal)
On 04/01/2014 7:53 am

Hi Eila,

I downloaded my fitness pal last night. It helps you in terms of counting the calories you have consumed throughout the day. I still need to see if its beneficial in the next few days but it was highly recommended by a friend of mine who also used it when she started on the bon-appetit diet and she said it was very helpful.

Regards to all! :)

Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 03/07/2014 3:25 pm

@Mary Neilany: You can visit this forum thread about calorie counters:

Calorie counting is good, but not as important as following the recommended kind and amount of each food group in your meals.


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