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FORUM : My First Weeks on the Bon Appétit Diet Program

first week done but...

by jaedhie (Tanza Cavite) Posted on 01/19/2015 11:22 pm

I'm on week 2 now. I hope I can say that week 1 was a success but that would be cheating myself. Okay so I was unable to follow the meal plan exactly, but tried my best to follow the recommended portions, and I really saw to it that I didn't eat more than 1/2 cup of rice during lunch and dinner. Also made sure I had a serving of fruit and veggies for lunch and dinner, and spoonfuls of yogurt (at least once a day).

So far my challenges are :
1. Shopping for ingredients... I know the meal plans have already been set so they are easy to follow and cook/prepare and that the ingredients are easy to find, but the supermarket nearest to me almost always don't have all the stuff that I need for the week. So what I do is just substitute whenever and whatever I can.
2. The fish dishes... I don't like bony fish (and my husband and son, too), so I'm unable to follow the suggested fish recipes. So far I've only cooked sarciado and bistek na tuna (fresh). Hope that's okay. I'll just try to find other recipes that use tuna.

I'm also a stubborn little kid. I didn't weigh/measure myself last Sat! Promise, I will tomorrow and next Sat. Haha!

That's it, just thought I'd share my experience so far. I love that this program makes switching to healthy eating easy! ^_^

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Posted by JasD (Quezon City)
On 10/13/2018 9:19 am

I'm experiencing the first week as the trial learning curve stage as well.No changes yet. This week has been an eye opener with my TRUE measurements and that there is still a loong way to go in his journey.I am definitely excited though! I enjoyed discovering new things to enjoy eating and am encouraged to beat my 5000+ steps. Just tryig to put this things to heart.

Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 01/28/2015 4:25 pm

Keep us posted, jaedhie!

Posted by jaedhie (Tanza Cavite)
On 01/24/2015 12:24 pm

Thanks for the encouragement and tips, Charmaine! I've also started moving more and doing light exercises. I'm confident all these will pay off. :)

Posted by charmaineanne (San Pedro), Community Manager
On 01/20/2015 3:55 pm

Hi Jaedhie! Thanks for sharing your experience with the community! I say, count your Week 1 as a success. You are still in the learning curve of your diet. This is the time to make mistakes but recognize solutions. I'm sure your Week 2 will be better :)

For shopping ingredients, it's alright to substitute food items that are not available. Check the List of Food Equivalents under Bonus for your guide.

You can replace bony fish with filleted fish like cream dory, salmon, tuna, boneless bangus and tilapia. Fish like talakitok and tanigue sold in steak cuts, lapu-lapu, maya-maya, blue marlin are less bony than others.

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