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Estelita I'm so glad that the menus and recipes are Filipino food. As I go along, everything seems to be easier. I'm able to substitute food and size serving when I eat out with friends or go to parties. I'm learning to choose what food to take or order. So far, there is nothing that I would like to change in the program.

Remy I'm happy with the program. Keep it up!

Charina I will refer you most definitely to my friends who are mostly overweight and would love to lose a few pounds. I just decided to eat in moderation and exercise... So far, I have lost 16 pounds and a total of 18 inches all over my body :) Thank you for being very helpful!

Nora I guess you are doing good... Really following on your clients journey on dieting. Keep up the good work! Honestly, I felt I lost weight already. But upon weigh in, only a pound or two was lost...Maybe I exceeded the 1400 calories required at times. It's helping anyway...Need to be more determined I guess - for my self. Thanks so much and more power!

Ciely Your program is great! I'm very much satisfied!

Irene Everything is excellent because you don't starve so there is no tendency to quit the program..I have tried so many diet but this is so far the best I have been following..easy and effective! There are some substitutions that I sometimes do (lack of preparation or my helper cannot sometimes follow my instructions) but I make it a point to be as close as possible to the diet... so far the program has been doing a good job on my goal of losing weight... slowly but surely I'm expecting good results!!! Kudos to you guys!...

Janet Everything is well programmed I really enjoy this program for I can still eat my favorite dishes.

Mia Great program as it teaches everyone to eat balance meals.

Susan Actually it's a great plan .... and with a menu which tells me exactly what food and quantity to eat so I don't have to guess.

Cecilia I am happy with how it is now. Have been losing weight without difficulty. Just need to be more disciplined when I am out.

Deanna I am satisfied with your program. The text messages that you send twice a day including the reminders, suggestions, recipes, etc. that you send online, are of great help to me. The advices from your nutritionists and how they answer my queries alleviates my knowledge about health and nutrition. I am very fortunate that I received a Cohen voucher as a gift from a daughter of a dear friend.

Carolina I am already a free advertisement for the "Pinoy" Cohen diet, and I emphasize it's the French Dr. Cohen. My friends exclaim at how much weight I had lost (10 lbs actually, my target) which pretty much shows in how my old clothes hang loosely & comfortably on me in a relaxed way. I cannot remember how many times I told them about the Bon Appetit diet, & that it cost me only P2,900 + for 6 months of emailed meal plans, recipes & advice. I admit picking only the recipes I like. I have yet to try the other recipes in the meal plans. I learned about substituting food & resorting to the restoration meal when I had more fat/sugar than usual. I am not picky with food & feel happy & contented even with the same food I enjoy everyday for many days (like my breakfast) or every so often. Now especially I can often eat what our cook prepares for the rest of the household because I have given her tips on low-fat cooking. And lately, I have been joining aerobics classes in our neighborhood.

Ace Nothing. It's just fine. I recommended it to my friends. I'm an OB GYN and I'll recommend it to my colleagues and friends. They were crazy asking me how I lost 10 lbs after posting it on facebook! So hold on tight to your seats... You'll have more busy days and more clients to come!!! Thank you.

Rain "Ang Payat Mo"
I keep hearing this phrase over and over whenever I meet people who haven't seen me since I started this diet last July. While I haven't been able to strictly adhere to the diet (I've only lost 7lbs in 12 weeks), the change has been noticeable.

I work out quite regularly and I believe that a good combination of diet and exercise is important to looking good - not emaciated / gaunt like people who lose weight too quickly - I didn't want to have saggy skin and a tired looking face.

Before this diet, I had hit a plateau and my weight loss slowed to a halt despite my exercising. But when I followed the meal plans, I rediscovered "clean" eating. I still eat food that isn't very healthy (I love junk food) but having learned to look at food in a better way through this diet, I'm able to have better discipline when I need to recover.

I've also previously gone to see a nutritionist a few years ago and while the fundamentals are quite similar (i.e. eating proper amounts of all food types), I think the great thing about this diet is that there are recipes to follow but it also allows for flexibility through the table of food equivalences.

All of that said, I'm happy with my body - I'm the lightest I've ever been - and happy with most of my eating habits (no pork, no beef and the principles of this diet).

Happy dieting (:

Gina One of the disciplines I'm trying to stick to is eating on time. I'm notorious for never eating on time so I get ravenously hungry. With The Bon Appétit Diet, because of the caloric restrictions, I really get hungry spot on at 12, then 6pm. I think this may be one of the significant changes to my eating habits. Thanks.

Emilia Hello everyone. I had been in the Bon Appétit Diet program for 6 months and same will be ended today. I decided not to renew my program with BAD but the tips and knowledge I learned and gained, will continue to be part of my daily life. It's just that I want to learn and practice them by myself especially customizing my meal with the right food measurement. 21 lbs loss is a big deal for me and it helped to bring back my confidence that I can still be leaner and healthier as well. And I promise to myself that it will not end just like that. It will be slowly, surely and forever. Yes, I need to practice more on consistency and constancy on my goal to reach its perfection (135-140 lbs target weight) and I will not stop aiming for success. For now, I would like to thank Dr. Cohen, The Bon Appétit Diet experts Ms. Laarni, Ms. Charmainne, Gisa, and friends, though we haven't seen each other, I am so grateful knowing you all and sharing your wisdom on health awareness. Rest assured that all you have coached and imparted on me will not be wasted. Thank you very much. God bless you all more and more....

Mia 10 weeks later and 6 pounds slimmer, I'd like to share what I love about this program. I'm not overweight as it is but was on the brink of being so when I started this program. For 3 months prior to this program, I've exercised 3-4x a week and could not lose weight at all! What made me lose weight using this program? See top 3 reasons below:
1. Flexible meal plans - I didn't need to follow the meal plans strictly as the program provides custom meal plans which serve as a guide of what I can eat and at what amounts.
2. It taught me to eat a balanced diet - I was eating less & the wrong types of food before starting this program. Now I eat more of the right kinds of food and found ways to enjoy them more through the recipes provided here.
3. Exercise is key to losing weight BUT! should be paired with eating right. At month 1 I noticed that this program made me eat more protein at breakfast to help increase building up my muscles while exercising. I only lost 2 lbs the first month but felt my muscles starting to form & I actually felt lighter & better in general. After 2.5 months, I'm more fit & healthier than ever. So to this program & the team behind it, thank thou very much! I know this program is something I can and will follow for life!

Irma I just want to thank Dr Cohen for this program. Because of this program, I have learned to cook and eat food that I can not eat before. I also learned how to serve meals properly. Because of the balance meals, I learned how to serve it in a nice plating. I became artistic. Again, thank you.

Angela I have tried to lose weight a lot of times. This works without depriving myself!

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