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I'm Starting on Monday
Meet others who are starting the program at the same time as you are
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My First Weeks on the Bon Appétit Diet Program
Get on to a good start and begin to lose those pounds immediately
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Morale and Motivation
Get motivated and give your morale the boost it needs
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Questions About the Program
Don't hesitate to ask questions about things you don't understand!
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Coaching Tools
Your comments on the e-mails and videos sent by Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen
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Your comments about the recipes and meals in the program
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Products and Food
More about Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen's recommended products and where to find them
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Sports and Exercise
Physical activity is essential in every weight loss journey. Learn more about it here!
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Meet-Ups and Classifieds
Want to learn more about other participants? Get to know them here!
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Success Stories
Share your experiences with all participants of the program.
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Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen's Blog
Read Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen''s Blog
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Other Coaching Programs
Other coaching and weight loss programs
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Medical Matters
About minor ailments and more serious medical conditions
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In the Press
Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen on television, radio and print
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Topics that don't fit anywhere else!
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Psychologist On Call
Because the body is inseparable from the mind
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