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FORUM : My First Weeks on the Bon Appétit Diet Program

Week 1 Feedback

by gisaparedes (Quezon City), Team Member Posted on 12/06/2011 2:36 pm

How have you found your first week on the program so far? Is there anything you're looking for that you were happy to find? What about things you were hoping to find but could not?
Let us know!

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Posted by victoriacastillo (Parañaque)
On 07/18/2014 11:26 am

@ Catmela: Cool cool! Coco sugar is actually good enough, so you can continue on it.. :) Hmm, you might be a little more sensitive to the beans than usual...just be vigilant on your reactions, and we'd be happy to offer some substitutes if you'd prefer to try something else. :D

Posted by Catmela (Quezon City)
On 07/17/2014 10:46 pm

@Victoria Thanks! :) Yes, the most coffee I've been taking in so far is 400-600ml/day, black with 1/2 tsp coco sugar, but I'll get stevia. And yes, I enlisted in the Vegetarian program, and so far I'm loving the recipes we're slated to use. Yun nga lang, there's a little -- okay, more than a little -- bit of gas from the beans, but it's normal, right? :D

Posted by victoriacastillo (Parañaque)
On 07/17/2014 3:11 pm

@ Catmela: Nice to see you here. :-q Are you using the Vegetarian meal plans here? Daily coffee is OK, but try not to exceed 24 oz of coffee a day (or 2 Tall at Starbucks), and preferably unsweetened or with stevia.

@ Mikey and Trisha: Congratulations, keep it up! :-q

Posted by Mikey05 (calumpit bulacan)
On 07/15/2014 10:03 pm

Today's my 9th day, and I started early (week 0) although i am not following the meal plans. I only limit my food intake, noted on the size portions and all, and do some exercises in the morning. I was so amazed that I lost 2.2lbs on that week, and another 2.2 lbs on week 1. So happy that i lost 4.4lbs (2 kilos) in just 2 weeks. I look forward on the comments of ms charmaine on my meals. The meal plans and the comments of ms charmaine became my guide for my customized meals. Now, i am very much excited to see the new me... Hopefully healthier and sexier in the next few weeks! Happy dieting to us all!

Posted by Catmela (Quezon City)
On 07/14/2014 8:19 pm

I just completed Day 1, and it seems I won't have any difficulty transitioning from a chicken-fish/veggie/fruit regimen to a strictly vegetarian diet (I don't like meat anymore and only seldom crave it). However, I'm having some trouble cutting down on my caffeine intake, because I'm used to drinking cups of hot coffee throughout the day. It'll take time, I suppose.

Posted by Trishawillbesexy (Las Pinas City)
On 07/04/2014 3:20 pm

Week 1 was great for me. Everything was followed though some of the meals needs to be interchanged due to time constraints. So excited to weigh in on Sunday. BTW, I do Insanity workout videos, I play football and I run on the treadmill as my workout. Can't wait to be fit and sexy!

Posted by joycefaith (Quezon City)
On 06/30/2014 11:56 am

I wasn't able to strictly follow the program. :-S I really tried hard, but I'm not losing weight!!! :(( :(( :((

Posted by AiDenBoks (Pasig)
On 08/09/2013 5:16 am

By the way, I cheated last tuesday with two original glazed krispy cremes and today, I had a medium sized wintermelon milk tea with pearls at 25% sugar. But last tuesday, I had yoga at 2pm and another workout at night. @-)

Posted by AiDenBoks (Pasig)
On 08/09/2013 5:14 am

I think I'm eating more now that I started this diet. I can only manage to eat two full meals from the meal plan of 1,400 kcal, so I shifted to 1,200 kcal. I eat the 0% fat fruit-flavored yoghurt as my snack with 8 pcs whole raw almonds as my last meal. I can hardly eat the fruit requirement and have the tea and milk required in the meal plans. I work nights and fastfood is usually the food I eat. Now I'm more conscious to order juice instead of soda. I managed to somehow lose a kilo when I weighed in today-I was really skeptical with all the food I'm consuming but hey this works! :)

My mom pledged to do the diet with me now. As she said earlier this evening, "how can you lose weight with all that you eat now? Are you sure this is a diet?" I'm very surprised too-happily at that! :D

Posted by echinaalegada, In-house Dietitian
On 06/10/2013 10:31 am

@emzie Good job! Keep it up! :-q

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